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Pilbara Mission 2015
November 9, 2015 Native Seed Blair Darvill

  We’ve recently returned from another successful three week seed collecting mission into the deep-red heart of the Pilbara, where above average winter rainfall produced a bumper crop of seed. It was a great season where 150kg’s of native seed was collected from 60 different species. Thankfully no wilywily’s blew any of our seed away

Pilbara Mission 2014
January 2, 2015 Native Seed Blair Darvill

Each year the Cape Life team head up to collect seed in the Pilbara to fulfill orders from our partners at Nindethana Seeds. The seed collected in this region is integral to large scale rehabilitation projects in the iron ore industry. In just under three weeks we collected over 100kg’s of seed from 47 different

Tis the season of the seeds
Image January 2, 2015 Native Seed Blair Darvill

The South West seed collecting season is well under way with bushland areas full of the ‘snap crackle and pop’ sounds of mature seed being released. We are in full swing at Cape Life collecting native seed for WA seed merchants, and for organisations including the Lower Blackwood LCDC, Main Roads WA, Augusta Margaret River

New Seed Guidelines
December 29, 2014 Native Seed Blair Darvill

The Revegetation Industry Association of Western Australia (RIAWA) has recently released a set of accreditation guidelines