Pilbara Seed Recovery

Pilbara Seed Recovery

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    • Category: Native seed
    • Date: November 18, 2016
    • Added By: CapeLife

Cape Life has been involved in remote site seed recovery programs in the Pilbara every spring since 2012. These collection programs have ranged from Newman, to Port Hedland, Panawonicca and Tom Price. Trips have included targeted collections for specific species and projects, as well as bulk collections for large scale mining rehabilitation.

Seed collection in the Pilbara is always an adventure. We have witnessed some of the most unique, pristine natural areas (such as the Karinjini National Park), learnt how to be efficient in over 40 degree heat on arid flat plains, dodged kilometre wide bush fires, battled with willy-willy’s, and processed over a tonne of seed under the clearest of blue skies.



Brook and Geoff assessing a patch of Ptilotus calostachyus



A typical pilbara seed collection scene



Enjoying the beautiful pilbara landscapes

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