Shire of Harvey

Shire of Harvey
October 25, 2016 Comments Off on Shire of Harvey CapeLife

“On behalf of the Shire of Harvey I am happy to acknowledge the environmental services provided by Cape Life for various projects in the last two years within the Shire. Some of the projects successfully completed include:

  • Weed control & tree planting of exposed verges after road construction on various major road projects both coastal and inland.
  • Extensive weed control and rehabilitation/ revegetation of redundant tip sites.
  • Rehabilitation and revegetation of foredunes at various coastal sites including seed collection and fencing.
  • Weed control in various town sites within the Shire of Harvey using steam control instead of chemical control targeting sensitive areas near waterways, schools and high pedestrian use areas.
  • Cape Life have provided a professional service that Council will continue to utilise withy the good results experienced so far”

Peter Kay, Manager of Works and Services

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