Native Seed

Native Seed
December 13, 2014 OTSP

Seed Collection

We have been collecting seed throughout Western Australia for a long time (with over 30 years combined experience), therefore we know where the plants are, or are most likely to be, the optimum time for picking and the most efficient collection method. Our range is expanding every year. We have covered the South West coastline from Black Point right up to Point Peron and scoured creeks, rivers and ridge-lines across the Swan Coastal Plain, over the Darling Scarp into the Wheatbelt and north into the Pilbara.

All Cape Life staff hold licenses issued by the Department of Parks and Wildlife and we adhere to strict protocols and guidelines, taking into account seed abundance, maturity and fragile or sensitive areas/ species. Wherever possible we recommend locally sourced provenance seed for rehabilitation projects.

Cape Life is RIAWA accredited.


Provenance Seed Banks and Storage

Cape Life has a fully equipped seed storage facility that is temperature controlled and monitored constantly. Local Government and NRM Organisations can find it difficult to balance budgets and time-frames with specific environmental objectives and requirements, therefore it is always worthwhile planning ahead and having a stock of local viable seed on hand for future rehabilitation projects. We can tailor a one off seed bank ‘deposit’ or develop a long term ‘account’ to meet any situation.

Processing and Pre-treatment

At the Cape Life HQ in Margaret River we have specialised seed processing equipment and facilities to ensure native seed can be dried, sorted, cleaned, fumigated, stored and transported effectively and efficiently. Our custom built pre-treatment amenities can cater for large and small quantities.