December 13, 2014 OTSP

Warren Catchments Council

In June 2015, Cape Life’s team of enthusiastic workers planted 145,000 provenance native seedlings across the riparian zone on the Warren River for our project – Restoring Natural Riparian Vegetation Systems Along the Warren and Donnelly Rivers.

The sites along the river were remote and often difficult to access and were by no means the usual “flat prepared paddock” types of area.  The Cape Life team were happy to work in with our planting designs, willingly took on board necessary changes as planting progressed and finished within the estimated time frame.  Their daily updates and excellent communication skills helped us prepare for the next few days allowing the planting program to run smoothly.

We thank Cape Life for their professional service and involvement in our project.

Lee Fontanini, Project Manager

South West Catchments Council

Cape Life has been instrumental to planning and implementing a riparian restoration project for SWCC in the Lower Blackwood Catchment. Brook (Director) has provided expert advice on seed collection, direct seeding and revegetation and professionally project managed works to ensure these activities are being completed as contracted. At all times Brook has provided regular project progress updates.

Paramount to this community based project, Brook has also built good working relationships with the landholders and liaises directly with them to co-ordinate their weed control contribution to the project. This has helped to engage and build capacity of the landholders.

Lorraine Duffy, Biodiversity Project Manager

Shire of Harvey

On behalf of the Shire of Harvey I am happy to acknowledge the environmental services provided by Cape Life for various projects in the last two years within the Shire. Some of the projects successfully completed include:

  • Weed control & tree planting of exposed verges after road construction on various major road projects both coastal and inland.
  • Extensive weed control and rehabilitation/ revegetation of redundant tip sites.
  • Rehabilitation and revegetation of foredunes at various coastal sites including seed collection and fencing.
  • Weed control in various town sites within the Shire of Harvey using steam control instead of chemical control targeting sensitive areas near waterways, schools and high pedestrian use areas.
  • Cape Life have provided a professional service that Council will continue to utilise withy the good results experienced so far.

Peter Kay, Manager of Works and Services

The Seed Shed

I have known and had business dealings with Brook Devine and his company Cape Life since  Feburary 2011.  All of my contact with him has been very professional and efficient with excellent communication skills.  He is always looking to improve methods/techniques and is open to suggestions or asks for advice if required.  He has a good eye for detail in producing a very high quality product that is suited to the customer’s requirements.  I will continue to use the services of Cape Life and purchase product from the company long into the future.  It is a pleasure to have Cape Life associated with my business and has proven beneficial to the growth of Seed Shed.

Neroli Forster, Director

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