December 13, 2014 OTSP


Waterway Revegetation - BoathaughWe are very keen to see our projects succeed and more often than not this requires  follow up visits to keep the weeds at bay via brush cutting, spraying and manual removal, fix up collapsed tree-guards and perhaps even do some watering.

It doesn’t take much but those visits often make all the difference. A component of this maintenance service can also include infill planting where required during the following one or two seasons in order to gain a complete vegetation coverage.

Reporting and Monitoring

Screening Revegetation (2)Cape Life understands the reporting requirements for local governments, agencies, NRMO’s, developers and mining companies. Therefore at Cape Life we can incorporate a monitoring and reporting component to any on-ground project. This can include photo monitoring, survival counts, growth rates and recording GIS data such as GPS coordinates.

We compile activity reports during each stage of a rehabilitation project and can provide final reports and future recommendations at the completion of contracts.