Maidens Dunes Restorations

Maidens Dunes Restorations

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    • Category: Revegetation
    • Date: November 19, 2016
    • Added By: CapeLife

The rehabilitation of sand dune blow-outs in the Maidens Reserve, Bunbury over three years has been a unique project that involved meeting the needs of multiple stakeholders in both the rehabilitation of an eroded dune and the management of an invasive weed species in a wetland/road reserve. Initially contracted to undertake a dunes restoration project by South West Catchments Council, Cape Life combined traditional ‘brushing’ techniques using a woody weed species that had become invasive in the local municipality. This technique, combined with fencing, revegetation and minor earthworks, allowed us to achieve a positive result for the Maidens Reserve and its many stakeholders.


Reshaping the frontal dune



Removing Acacia longifolia from nearby bushland



Laying out of brushing material

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