Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Health & Safety
December 13, 2014 OTSP

Cape Life is committed to providing a safe workplace as required under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (1984) for our staff, clients and the general public. We are aware of and follow relevant regulations, standards, codes of practice and guidelines for providing:

    • Safe systems of work – Completion of JHA (Job Hazard Analysis) forms identify all foreseeable hazards for tasks that are carried out. These are assessed as to their level of risk and wherever practical and relevant these risks are eliminated, reduced or controlled.


    • Induction, information, training and supervision – Cape Life ensures staff are qualified and experienced to carry out their duties and where necessary provide inductions and training.


    • Provision of personal protection – Cape Life provides staff with all relevant PPE to protect them from potential hazards on the job.


    • Safe equipment and materials – All materials and equipment are regularly checked, maintained and stored appropriately.


We have comprehensive insurance plans including public liability and professional indemnity. Due to our focus on providing a safe working environment and employing qualified and experienced staff we are proud to say we have not had any incidents since we commenced operations.