Steam Weed Control

Steam Weed Control
December 13, 2014 OTSP

Cape Life has been on the forefront of steam weed control for the last 7 years in Perth and the South West. Due to the hidden costs of chemicals becoming more well-known, saturated steam has become the most efficient and effective option in environmentally friendly weed control. Steam weeding kills weeds by breaking down the cell structure of the plant, essentially ‘cooking’ the plant. The weeds die off instantly and generally decompose over several days.

We have two steam units – a SW800 and SW900 – which allows us to effectively treat multiple environments from urban areas to parklands and bushland. Each unit creates super heated, saturated steam which is sprayed directly onto problem weeds destroying them on contact. The SW900 is the fastest heating and highest volume steaming system allowing us the fastest hydrothermal kill available.



The risk of side-effects, pollution, litigation, and complaints from residents is dramatically reduced for organisations as there is no spray drift, it can be used in practically all weather conditions, and it is safe to be used in close proximity of schools, waterways, shops, and wildlife.

Suitable for

  • Small reserves and bushland
  • Sensitive natural areas, wetlands and waterways
  • Footpaths and carparks
  • Roundabouts and traffic islands
  • Kerbs and gutters
  • Playgrounds
  • Garden beds
  • Schools and hospitals
  • Vegetable gardens

More info

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